A clean mattress offers a good quality sleep. Mattresses generally contain the highest number of allergenic micro-organisms in our homes, such as mold, bacteria, viruses and dust mites. Regular cleaning of the mattress is important to prevent the accumulation of all these allergenic micro-organisms , offering us a clean and safe environment.

Cleaning process:

-Internal cleaning

Internal bio-cleaning without the use of liquids, chemicals and steam with a special KIRBY machine, which through pulse vibration and strong suction, achieves the removal of allergenic substances such as mites, mollusks, mold particles, bacteria, dead cells etc. The vacuum cleaner has special HERA filters, which keep 99.99% of the substances in the bag.

-External cleaning

Depending on the external pollution of the mattress, cleaning is achieved using Micro-splitting technology products, without the use of soaps, surfactants and other common detergents, giving perfect results without leaving any residue.

-Anti-allergic protection

Spraying of  mattresses and fabric surfaces with approved biocidal repellent of mites, bed bugs and fleas, specially designed to suspend  their growth. It neutralizes for a long time, at least four months, the allergenic loads caused by mites and their feces, offering effective anti-allergic protection.

-The cleaning process is harmless to the material of the mattresses and suitable for all types. It is friendly to humans and the environment. It is recommended to be done at least once a year. After the cleaning process, the mattress is ready for use.

– A mattress cleaning certificate is provided.


Domestic cleaning of living rooms, carpets and rugs, using a special machine that meets the standards of the Institute of carpets and rugs and with micro-splitting, eco-friendly technology products without chemical soaps, solvents or enzymes, that offers amazing results.